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Bios - No storage device present [FA507NV]

Level 8

Hey everyone,

Last night I was using the laptop as normal and in the morning I turned it on, and it goes straight to bios. I tried to move the ssd to second slot, removing battery and then holding power button for a minute, running laptop with battery unplugged but it did not help. My bios weren't up to date so I just updated them using ez flash 3 utility to the newest version from asus website. Did anyone also experienced this issue? Even after restoring bios defaults, moving ssd to another slot, and updating bios? As you can see from photo, it detects other components with no issues. It has also detected the USB stick when I updated the bios. I suppose the issue is ssd? Thank you for any help



Level 7

hey, it's happened to me just right now. 

I try to force shutdown by click on the power button and it restarted normally again. But i think we should check on asus service to make sure the ssd is thighten enough to prevent anything.

*sorry for bad english