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Better CPU tuning is needed.

Level 11

As an owner of 2 generations of A15, first the FA506QR and then the FA507RR, I can't help but notice how poorly managed the CPU is in these models. I resorted to disabling boost in both models because temps just sky rocket  for no apparent reason. There needs to be a degree of AI control or something.

Case and point, I had to overhaul the QR with liquid metal and other exotics as well as alter the chassis and use a high quality cooler to be able to use the full power of the chips without thermal runaway. Same case on the RR, the machine will smash to 4.7ghz and gobble 45w when opening a web browser. Having used A15s and Lenovo Legion 5s, the Legion only uses the power it needs too and with drop below 3.2ghz if needed and again go above 3.2ghz if needed, but doesn't just boost it's head off.

I have been gaming on the RR for some time now, with boost disabled, playing games locked at 70fps and stable temps around 60c tops. on both the 6800H and the 3070. Exact same conditions and game with boost on sees the CPU hit 80c and the GPU close to 70c due to added heat in the loop. That's with it set for efficient. It's like the chipset it is literally set to all or nothing.

You need to figure out a proper balance and behaviour for this. The RTX 3070 drivers make it only use as much power as is required for what settings you have. Why can't you get the CPU to behave that way, like Legion laptops do? I'm literally forced to disable the boost so it doesn't just go wild when it doesn't need to. Please for the love of god fix this.