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[UX31E] Impossible to install WinFlash

Hello,When I received my Zenbook UX31 few weeks ago I updated the BIOS to the version 207, no problem. I did a clean install delete all partition and fresh install of Windows 7 x64 from my own CD (Windows 7 ultimate).No problem, that's work fine. But...

Kris-I by Level 7
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EP121 SD Cards

I just received my EP121 (Refurbished from the eStore). I am very impressed with this machine and am glad I did not just make do with a tablet. Having a real computer in this form is great.Questions:1. I want to get an SD card for more storage. I hav...

cgaiii by Level 7
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N55SF Laptop Shutdown question / Issue

Hello and Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.I have a 2 week old N55SF laptop that will not shut down. When I click shutdown in Windows 7 it only reboots. It appears for sleep and hibernate properly as well as restart. Connected...

mld218 by Level 7
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Jay Chou edition ASUS N43SL hits the US

FROM::: http://www.geekwithlaptop.com/finally-the-jay-chou-edition-asus-n43sl-hits-the-us Launched a few months this special edition laptop from Asus called the N43SL Jay Chou edition, will soon be arriving in stores throughout the US. This may sound...

chrsplmr by Level 18
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bios problem with asus a42jy ???

hi ,i'am facing problem after bad flash bios of notebook asus a42jy and get black screen and now i cant acces to the bios...i download original and lastest bios from asus supportformatted flash disque fat and fat32, rename file to A42JY.bin ... do al...

Retired by Not applicable
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K53SV issues

Hi all, a week ago i bought the noteboook A53SV. AI Recovery Burner program informed me that I had to make up the system, I realized that Recovery (R: ) drive was created.Ai recovery burner informed that i had to make a back up of the system so i tr...

Barrios by Level 7
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Want to Upgrade

Let me start by telling all of you I'm not computer savvy, I don't know much. What I want to do is upgrade my old laptop into a gamer. This will be a slow process so I will need to start from the beginning. I own an ASUS U52F-BBL5 with an i3. Yes...

Asus N55SF

hello, i just bought an Asus N55SF , my problem is, when i press FN + F9 , it suppose to disable my pad, but it dosnt work.It worked the first 2 days, but now it dosnt, i tried re-downloading the lastest ATK drivers but it didnt help.Any idea?thx

evilkid by Level 7
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K53ta-bbr6 ?

First off, not sure if this is the right place.. I've no idea (no offense) who or what ROC is, but the Asus forums said for info on the Asus K53TA-BBR6 to come here..That said..I've been reading tons of rave reviews on this laptop, but am unable to f...

exit151 by Level 7
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