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N Series Power Brick Making Weird Noise?

Hey, I recently bought a Asus N56VM laptop and its great! The only problem i'm having is that the chargers power brick makes a really high pitched noise when the laptops battery is full or the battery is taken out. The noise is pretty loud and annoyi...

ramsu by Level 7
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Asus Chromebook Technician

Just an idea for a chromebook.Basically, add video input(hdmi), flip keyboard into an external keyboard, flip mousepad into external mouse(pad).So you can use your laptop as a external keyboard, mouse and monitor. Hook up a raspberry pi or simular de...

rhozac by Level 9
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Tablet thoughts and recomendations

I was contemplating the asus tf300t as more mobile possibuility. I use to think rather highly of asus until the screen went black on my g75vw. Anybody have one of these or would recomend something different, apple not being an option,

UX31A-R4003H Battery issue

Hello dear Forum Users,i bought my Zenbook prime on Saturday and was really happy with it until i registered some battery issues. After some hours of work my Asus couldnt recognize the battery anymore and Windows 8 told me that no battery can be foun...

un4given by Level 7
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SATA ports N55SF

Does the N55SF series have any SATA3 ports? Either in the drive bay or for the optical drive? I plan on replacing the optical drive with a harddisk and placing a SSD in the drive bay. If this works at all. Or is this blocked in the BIOS?

Zenbook UX31A Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235

I'm using an Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A (Bios Version/Date: UX31A.214, 28/08/2012), Windows 8 64 bit, with an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 wireless adapter, Driver:'m trying to connect to an open network with no encryption, browser log in...

kerogun by Level 7
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VariDrive / Zenbook

hi folkswonder has anybody any experience with this drive/hub? I got one because it seemed exactly what i was looking for, but it seems like quite an immature or just bad product. So, I'm just wondering is my experience unique.The main issue is that ...

N53SV-XE1 Battery Failed

This post might have been up before, but today my battery finally succumbed and threw in the towel.I've been searching for a replacement for sometime having noticed the drop in charge capacity, however, the only website I can locate a replacement are...

carman by Level 7
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