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TUF Gaming Laptop CPU clock speed drops

I have a TUF Gaming Laptop with Ryzen 7 5800H, and Nvidia 3060 GPU. The laptop had started overheating recently which made me consider thermal pasting the CPU and GPU. However, after the thermal throttling, the issue has become worse. The CPU clock s...

CPU refusing to be fully utilized in most games.

The issue: In CPU intensive games windows straight-up refuses to use more than 35W for the CPU even tho within seperate applications and stress test scenarios it doesn't mind even using 75W for CPU. This result is not on my unit alone and based some ...

Tuf Gaming A15 2020 turns off with no errors

For the past month been having issues where the laptop will just turn off, as if its lost all power. there are no errors that i can find. It will have no issues playing games, this is will only happen outside of gaming. for example, once booted and o...

Scryn by Level 7
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Asus tuf a15 drivers bugs

Hi everyone, I'm experiencing some issues with Asus TUF apps and drivers. My antivirus and Windows Defender are detecting them as viruses, which is causing the drivers not to work properly. Has anyone else encountered this problem, and if so, do you ...

Another WHEA Event 17 on TUF FX506LH

I have another WHEA Event 17 on my laptop (while playing games, with freezing screens) with all my drivers updated. Does anyone have any clue what's the problem this time around?  WHEA Logger Event-17A corrected hardware error has occurred. Component...

lky by Level 8
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