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ProArt Studiobook Pro 15 W500 overheating

I have this ASUS ProArt Studiobook Pro 15 W500, model W500G5T. And it's overheating from me just opening a web browser.I'm using Firefox, so when I turn it on and open up FF the fan starts going nuts in less than a minute. I have maybe 15 tabs open n...


FX707VU Refuses any and all Ram upgrades

Based on Asus’ incorrect advice I originally tried to upgrade my 16gb of ram to 96 then 64 respectively both in ddr5 4800 as recommended. Neither would boot, not even into bios. I ended up contacting intel who helped me find out the ram in my system ...

Asus tuf f17 no power

I have just bought a brand new F17 FX707VI and when taking it out of the box I have plugged the charger into the laptop and tried to boot but nothing happened. I’m also getting no light on the laptop to indicate its charging at all l any ideas?I have...