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ASUSPRO BU400A stuck on ASUS logo

I have spent the last 20 minutes looking for an ASUS forum for non-gaming laptops but I can't seem to find one anywhere.So, here I am.I have an ASUS Pro BU400A. When powered on, the first screen is the ASUS logo screen, and that's it. Unit will not d...

Display issue fx506LH-g512LI

On these Asus model, I have issue in graphic and problem is appear same attached video .When we disable one of the Graphic ( intel or NVidia ), this Issue is fixed. But when both of them is run problem is appear.I thought this issue should be softwar...

TUF A17 FA706IU Freezing Issues - Fixed

All,Thought I'd post this as both a fix and warning about a driver issue that likely affects other AMD TUF machines. I was getting random but fairly regular freezes that were not associated with any program/activity on my system. No associated Event ...

FX505DT Fan broken

I used it without dropping it, but suddenly one of the fans was not recognized and the rotation speed didn't decrease. Occurs regardless of the BIOS menu or OS.Are there any users who have TUF FX505DT and the same thing is happening?


TUF506IV-AS76 Tocuhpad issues

I've have the asus touchpad driver insalled (HID/Asus Precision Touchpad)Windows is set for two finger scroll, and it does not always work. Sometimes I swipe up and down and it does nothing or barely does any stream at all. Other times after I've scr...

Q536FD-BI7T15 Text on certain apps super small

Hi! I have been running into issues with certain apps on my Asus laptop from day 1. I noticed that certain text in certain apps is very small.When I got the laptop, it was running Windows 10 and now I am running Windows 11 - same issue persists.I hav...