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Asus TUF A15 Power bottom

Hi, I got the Asus TUF A15 and after a couple of months the power bottom stop working.At first I had to press it multiple times to turn it on, then it will take me almost an hour to get it to work.The light goes on when I charge it. But I have no way...

Cooling pad for TUF F15

Hello, I have TUF F15 gaming laptop. Nvidia RTX 4060, intel i7 13620H. I am considering buying one of the following cooling pads: 1.IETS GT600 2. llano - new version in amazon Both cost nearly the same. I would like to know if someone own one of thes...

Thunderbol 2 is not working since the last update

Hello to all guys Asus TUF 2021  i511400HIt seems that since the last Bios Update my Thunderbolt 2 Device stopped working cause asus has been this in the last Bios Update, the solution is a downgrade  NVM31 firmware but asus just release this for a m...

Games crash/close suddenly on Asus TUF Dash F15

Hi all,This has been happening for the last 1-2 months. It was fine before. I am using an external monitor, but it happens even after disconnecting it.Scenario: When a game is opened it runs fine for a few minutes. Then suddenly crashes which closes ...

Tuf a16 not finding sdd

i dunno why but this computer wont find my t700 2tb. when i did the windows install it found it and installed and i was in windows and everything. windows gave me a blue screen of death and now the computer cant find the sdd  

Tuf dash F15 on 240 Hz monitor

Hi, i have the Tuf  Dash F15 and want to connect with a Samsung gaming monitor 240 Hz. DOes this work? Can i benefit from the 240 hz? What cable do i need to connect?Thanks for support!

FA617NS difference

please help, what is the difference between these A16 models? FA617NS-R77600, FA617NS-N3075W, FA617NS-N3068, FA617NS-N3001W, FA617NS-N3068W