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ASUS TUF A16 (2023) Battery life

https://www.asus.com/in/laptops/for-gaming/tuf-gaming/asus-tuf-gaming-a16-advantage-edition-2023/ So, I just bought Asus A16 Advantage (FA617XS-N3026WS). Previously, I had a problem with MUX driver which is still not resolved. By suggestions from for...

ASUS TUF Gaming F15 (2022) Massive heating issues

Asus - https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0C7R342NJ PLanning to go for this laptop, last very important part read across Internet and Youtube videos is, the model i have selected has massive heating issues on both gaming (temperature crosses 98* and due to th...

[FEATURE REQUEST] - Allow GPU Selection on BIOS.

Hi ASUS. Owner of a Asus TUF Dash F15 2022 here - FX517ZR. Since the competitors of the same range have this feature(Acer Nitro, Lenovo Legion) I would like to ask this as a feature request for the upcoming BIOSes: Enable configuration to disable iGP...

ASUS TUF fans won't run unless in a game

I recently got this TUF from ASUS after ASUS couldn't fix my old non-gaming laptop. I'm still unfamiliar with Armoury Crate so I apologize if this is obvious to others.I mainly use my laptop for programming and as a result the CPU can run quite hot i...

moraa2 by Level 7
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How to Stop Battery from Staying at 99% on FX507ZM?

So recently I figured out that if the battery is at less than 100%, the CPU in my ASUS TUF F15 2022 throttles from 45 W down to 25 W.  Now I know that ASUS laptops will stay between 95%-99% to preserve the battery.  However, after about 15 minutes of...

Raibex87 by Level 11
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Asus tuf a15 can't install driver

Hi guys I have a asus tuf a15 fa5061 cb and I don't see my laptop using my rtx 3050 so I thought is my driver problem and I used ddu to uninstall the driver and now I can install the graphic driver again as well as the geforce experience, because whe...

jakus4 by Level 7
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