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I updated my system with the Windows system update on 12/5/23 and one update came named-"ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. - Firmware -" After updating I went for a bios update and now one issue has raised that after you close and again open the lid a...

FX507ZV4 Eco mode with external monitors

Hello. I would like to use Eco mode with an external monitor, but unfortunately HDMI port is seemingly hardwired to the RTX card which ofc can be nice for gaming, but I usually use the HDMI for the projector for simple pdfs and ppts and only play on ...

2021 Asus Tuf Dash F15 (FX516PM) - RAM Upgrade

Hi guys,I didn't find anything useful searching and I'm not sure if CPU-Z can tell anything useful about this.I'm about to order a 16GB stick to get 32GB total.My FX516PM comes out originally with 16GB.The question is: is the out of the factory 16GB ...

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Asus TUF GAMING FX504GM Hard Freeze thread

I'd pm-ed several users of ASUS FX504GM and noticed they are too having freezing issues that affects their daily usage/gaming experience, and I would like to know whether they are more of them and hopefully attention could be brought to the related p...

Asus TUF FX706Li Intel-SST-OED error 19

Freeze periodically occurs, as a result of which the sound disappears in the headphones, or switches to the speakersThere is an error in the Event Viewer, which I will give as a screenshot below. I reinstalled the drivers several times, it did not he...

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