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FA506QR (TUF A15 2021) dGPU not going to sleep

It seems that since the vbios 6.00 update, the RTX 3070 GPU is constantly going out of idle every few seconds even when there's nothing running on the GPU. This is causing battery life to be reduced to less than 2 hours when it could last over 10 hou...

ars92 by Level 7
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TUF A15 2021 modern sleep mode HELP !

Hi, is there any way to turn off modern sleep mode and go back to fully working S3 state ?, My new laptop is overcheating when it`s located in backpack. It`s not working properly System says so S3 is not available on hardware ...look at powercfg /aTh...

Younec by Level 7
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Asus tuf a15 cpu problem

Hello! I have the ASUS TUF A15 FA506IU laptop. The problem is that when my cpu goes on a higher clock (more than 2.2 ghz) it starts to crash in different ways, so I have to keep it locked at 1.39ghz. The CPU was supposed to be running 2.9 ghz base cl...