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FA507RR VBIOS question.

I noticed that the VRAM is limited to +300 maximum matterless to what OC platform I use. I did a little digging and apparently ASUS decided to gimp the VBIOS settings to "combat miners" thing is, one that's lame and only they did it, two, the Crypto ...

GPU & CPU fans not spinning

Hi, I just updated my BIOS. I found a problem with the charging issue; when I plugged in my charger, the laptop was detected as in sleep mode (indicated by the keyboard light turning on as sleep mode), resulting in the GPU and CPU fans not spinning, ...

Screenshot 2023-06-04 00225.png

SSD upgrading advice to 4tb

hi all, i purchased asus tuf gaming a15 fa507re couple months ago, and i want to upgrade my NVMe SSD. Can it support 2tb evo 980 pro on per slot? please give me advice

AKXeroz by Level 7
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Issue related GPU

I bought a new asus tuf gaming f15on 4th April 2023.but now the issue is GPU on standard mode continuously consuming GPU.and when I try to put gpu on eco mode it's not going to eco mode.it coming back to standard mode and giving message like " some a...