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Battery maximum lifespan mode missing on FA507XU

Level 7

My previous laptop, a TUF A15 from 2021 (I do not know the specific model) had an option to keep the battery only charged to 60% or 80%. I chose 60% and it helped dramatically.
Then the charging port broke and I had to get a new laptop after just 2 years because one piece of metal bent. I am still angry about that but that's not why I'm here
This new one doesn't seem to have that 60% option, just the 80% option. I want the 60% maximum lifespan. How do I get that?

I apologize if this is a dumb question, I am not a tech expert here. I basically know how to use it, install mods, and mod one specific game by changing a few numbers.
(I did a few searches and did not find any other posts on this, I apologize if I missed one)


Level 10


It's in MY ASUS. 😏

If you don't have MY ASUS, you can download it in the Microsoft store. 


TUF GAMING F17 (2022) FX707ZM
I7 12700H / RTX 3060 / 32 Go

Level 12

In windows 11 and 10 you can do this as well if, go into setting under system to battery and power there are setting in there.  I don't even bother with it in MYASUS program.

Vous le confondez avec l’alerte d’économiseur de batterie. 😉

TUF GAMING F17 (2022) FX707ZM
I7 12700H / RTX 3060 / 32 Go