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ASUS X553MA laptop touchpad not working

Level 7
Hi guys, so i bought a X553MA laptop on ebay second hand, its running windows 10 and the problem is the touchpad it doesnt work at all. in device manager it only shows in "show hidden devices" and it has a yellow tag on it. if i try to install drivers it says it already has the best drivers installed.
any Ideas..?

Level 10
Hello rozza1981,
And the error message of that yellow tag is?
Thank you.

Hi Blake. Thanks for the reply, the error code is (Code 24) this device is not present, is not working properly or does not have all its drivers installed. I managed to get the device working but on and off and after a reboot i get the error code again

Level 10
Hello rozza1981,
Please refer to the official support website of this model
Please double check if your BIOS is updated.
And you may reinstall the ATK package first, then reinstall the ASUS Smart Gesture driver.
Thank you so much.