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Level 7
So what is everyone's take on the ASUS VX7,

im looking in purchasing the ASUS G74SX-A1 next month, but now ive seen this beast and i must say . . . . . DDDAAYYYUUMMMMM!!!!

Level 18
A quick look down the spec sheet tell the tale my friend.
And for the X-tra $500 it cost...there simply is no
comparison.....Ur in top shelf, 3D 74...I knew before I looked...It may be Asus,
it may be Lamborgini, its just I really have to say it? hahahahahhaa
Read my Sword...hahhahahaha

That said, I second your sentiment...that is one sweet Lappy..
I saw in here where they were debating between the 460 and 560,
saying the 460 performed better. I didnt see a rebuttal...
(I simply wondered why the newer version wouldnt be better.)
My humble opinion is as above however.
The $$$'s aren't to your advantage and it isnt >>>> R O G >>>>.

chrsplmr - Very true about it not being ROG, im not straying away form my choice of getting the G74sx-A1, i already have made my mind and i already cant wait

Do you know what is the average timetable on updates, such as us seeing a possible G75 in the works pretty soon?

When was the G74 officially released to the public?