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Asus TUF Gaming F17 - Display adapters - Intel UHD Graphics Card

Level 7

I've been having an issue with the frame rate of some games lately with my Asus TUF Gaming F17 laptop. Basically a bunch of games that I was able to play previously suddenly are moving incredibly slow. Everything from System Shock to Nightmare of Decay suddenly moves incredibly slow. I then noticed when I looked at Device Manager that the only graphics card listed is "Intel UHD Graphics" and no GeForce cards (which the TUF Gaming laptop is supposed to have). When I try to bring up the NVIDIA Control Panel, I get a pop up saying that a NVIDIA graphics card isn't available. I don't know what happened, but given that I was able to play these games before with no problem, and now I'm suddenly experiencing these issues, it seems like my computer lost the ability to use or even detect the NVIDIA card. Has anyone experienced this or does anyone have any ideas of how this might be fixed? Thanks