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ASUS TUF Gaming F17 (2022) shows only PCIe x8 4.0 insteas of PCIe x16 4.0... Why?

Level 9
Hello everyone

I bought a ASUS TUF Gaming F17 (2022).
So I checked lanes at the internal Nvidia 3050ti.
GPU-Z and HWinfo shows, that I only use PCIe x8 4.0 instead of possible PCIe x16 4.0.
I use only 1 m.2 (ASUS original). Second M.2 slot is empty.

I tried to configur the BIOS, deactivated the intel internal graphic card,
switched to Ultimte in Armory Crate, Set energy management on Full / Max Performance, etc.

Nothing seems to change the used aka possible used lanes.
Or ist this on the TUF Laptops the max setting, even if it shows PCIe x16 4.0 possibilitly?

Please help me to find a solution or an answer 🙂

Thank u all

Level 10
I do know that all 3050 desktop GPU's are PCIe4 x8 from the factory.
I do not know if this applies to a laptop with a 3050 ti, but it sure is looking that way.

my opinion...
The 3050 TI has such abysmal reviews that it should never have been sold in a gaming laptop.