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ASUS TUF Gaming F15 (2022) Massive heating issues

Level 8

Asus -

PLanning to go for this laptop, last very important part read across Internet and Youtube videos is, the model i have selected has massive heating issues on both gaming (temperature crosses 98* and due to this game starts lagging) and on non-gaming mode where temeperature is always above 70*

Need to understand how much true is this from any other members who own this series ?

I am not a geek to modify internal settings to get down high temperature


Level 7

I would recommend you to open an RMA because, I have this exact model with a 3070, with Linux installed(Steam+Proton)  and running No Man's Sky on High/Ultra, GPU temperatures stay steady on 82c degrees.

Also, I'm making sure that the profile applied to the laptop is "Performance", which will make the fans really noisy but avoid overheating leading to thermal throttling.

Do you meant I should return ASUS laptop ?

I think both of you misunderstood each other.  nwildner is saying the laptop actually doesn't have heating issues like you suggested, so you do not need to cancel your order.

Sorry If I jumped into conclusions here.

1 - It is a pretty solid laptop, and those who are facing those thermal issues might have defective units.

2 - Opening an RMA is a normal step if you request a repair. If you ever face that situation, Asus laptops comes with a 1 year warranty that can be further extended.

That being said, my unit here is at steady 39 Celsius degrees when doing web browsing with multiple tabs and I think 70 degrees in Idle is way too much.

Thanks @nwildner @Raibex87 
Will update again, with right temperatures/thermals just passed 24 hours with laptop..
Be default when laptop came it was using IGPU on non-gaming, I changed/tried the Aura Animated wallpaper and now it is using DGPU in normal mode (NON-Gaming) not sure where to change to static wallpaper again.
CAnnot let the battery go down or get cpu heated for that thing

HAve you guys tried MSI Afterburner to measure the cpu/gpu/fps details ?
Can you share your overlay settings for that app.

Here is a link to a video showing what I display in my overlay:

It should also give you an idea of the thermals at least on my model while under heavy load.  I am using a cooling pad in the video, which lowers temperatures greatly.

I don't have an experience with Aura so I can't help you with that.  However, I would recommend putting it into Eco mode in Armoury Crate, which forces all apps to use the iGPU.