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Asus TUF Gaming F15 (2022) FX507ZM

Level 7
Hi there,

I got this laptop last 11th July 2022 and been installing Win11, new drivers, bios 315... Everything (12700h - 3060)

Benchmarking was giving me almost 740 single score on CPUZ and 8000+ in multi (power adapter on)

Playing God of War with TDP limited was giving me 65ºC both CPU and GPU (power adapter on)

Next day I power it on with the power adapter on, and temperatures starts to spiking up to 95ºC all the time, no matter what I do (power adapter on)

Browsing, Youtube, even in desktop IDLE temps goes to 70 only using the EFFICIENT cores. When I open God of War stutters all time (power adapter on)

Armoury Crate shows MUX on and Normal mode, as it was before, I didn't change anything

CPUZ shows less than 700 single score and less than 6000 multi score because almost all cores goes to 95ºC

The laptop is on top of cooling pad, it is driving me crazy and even made me feel anxiety...

Thanks I hope you could help me


Level 7
Hi there,

I repasted both CPU and GPU and fixed the problem

By limiting TDP etc I get these temps playing at 80 FPS cap (I don't need more)


Plase, can you share your MANUAL settings in Armoury Crate, need CPU LP1 and LP2 configurations, and FAN curve. And GPU (Base Clock, memory Clock...)


Level 10
That's mental.
Out of curiosity, what did you repaste with?
I'm about to jump into Liquid metal on my 2021 A15 5800H with the gimped 95w 3070.