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Asus TUF Gaming F15 2021 stuttering issue

Level 8
Laptop: Asus TUF Gaming F15 2021 (FX506HM)

Hello everyone,

I have this super annoying issue where my whole system stutters for a microsecond or second, and it happens quite frequently. The audio gets distorted, the cursor freezes, etc.

I have installed the latest drivers from Asus, and I have the latest BIOS version. I also checked the RAM and the storage (I added a secondary SSD and upgraded the ram after buying the laptop) just to be sure, and they are working fine. A ran every benchmark and test that I can think of, no issues.
There is some CPU thermal throttling, maybe that’s causing it, but I’m not sure.

Theoretically, everything should just work. I also reinstalled Windows 2 times, still no changes to the stuttering.
The weird thing is that I played some games recently, and I haven’t experienced the stuttering, cursor freeze, and audio distortion while playing so far.

I checked with LatencyMon, and there are some spikes. I also read some forums about it, but there were no concrete answers.

I contacted the Asus support, and they said that I should send it to a service center. But I think that it’s more likely to be a software/driver issue, and sending to a service would be pointless because they would just send it back saying that it’s working fine.

Attached the LatencyMon report below.

I would be so grateful if somebody could help me out with this one.

Level 7

I have Asus ProArt Studiobook 16 OLED (H5600QM). I have exactly the same issue and did almost all the same actions as you but to no avail, still no solution?

Level 9

ROG Flow X13 same issue. 

Level 7

Go to your windows search and enter "edit power plan". at the tabs at the top of the window you will see power options, click that and change to power save. I know it sounds weird but it fix stuttering for me and kept the high FPS. hope I helped

Level 7

Level 7

I am facing with the same issue. For me the problem totally dissapears if I project (extend) my desktop. So it appears only when I am using only the built-in screen. No matter the performance settings, the cooling or whenever the adapter is attached or not. 
I hope it helpsLatenCyMoon Non-Shared ScreenLatenCyMoon Non-Shared ScreenLatency Moon Shared ScreenLatency Moon Shared Screen

Level 7

I'm having the same problem, very regular hitching and stuttering even while just typing this post. It's insane. Every few minutes it will come back with aggression, and hitches for 1-2 seconds every 10-15 seconds!!! It does this maybe 3-4 times, then give it a few minutes, and the same thing starts up again.

I also have the issue with the connected screen having major pixelation problems during gameplay. Many games (Even Apex Legends only at 1080p) looks  weirdly terrible with a connected screen. I'm using an ASUS Tuf RTX 4070 with i7-12700H. I did a Windows reinstall using the "Reset PC" option, but everything came back with Armoury Crate and all the other ASUS garbage that I suspect is causing the problems. It feels like when it happens, the fans start kicking into high-gear, so I have a suspicion that it takes 1-2 seconds to switch GPU or CPU settings, and the Armoury Crate is just deciding to switch those settings ALL OF THE FRIGGIN TIME. A few minutes goes by? Hitching and stuttering, fans kicking up a bunch. Fans kick down, more stuttering. Fans kick back up, more stuttering. Things relax for a few minutes. wash rinse repeat. 

I'm tempted to REMOVE Amoury Crate by a full FRESH Windows re-install from a USB-thumbstick, but it seems like the disk-drivers aren't available by default and I'll need to go grab them. 

Has anyone verified if it's Armoury Crate causing this by switching settings too frequently? Maybe there's just a "best-practices" setting for Armoury Crate?

Level 7

I'm now wondering if it didn't come with Armoury Crate after the PC Reset; does it ask before installing Armoury Crate? Or is that just installed by default?

If it's optional, I might do another PC Reset; but I can't remember. Maybe I accidentally clicked yes on some popup!

Level 7

I have a similar issue on my recently bought Asus TUF Gaming F15 (ASUS TUF Gaming F15 FX507ZU4). The stutter affects the audio and (sometimes) video. I was about to return it, but I discovered that after removing the SSD I added in the second M.2 slot the issue disappeared. SSD was a Crucial P5 plus 2Tb.

Tried adding an SSD of a different brand (Lexar NM790 SSD) and now the issue is (almost) gone. I still hear some micro stutters on BT  headphones but not as noticeable as with the crucial one.