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Asus TUF Gaming Black Screen and Projection Issue

Level 7


I have a problem with my Asus TUF Gaming laptop. I have the familiar black screen issue, but it's also more than that. I am also unable to project my screen onto a monitor, that otherwise plays my PS5 etc. no problem. I have no idea therefore how to fix this issue. I have tried to press Ctrl, shift, Windows and B, I have tried to press FN and F6, but neither of those work. Without being able to see the screen, I'm not sure what else to do.

As an important note, my AC adaptor recent broke and I had to buy a replacement. The issue started after that. I was doing some university work, and the screen froze. When I restarted the machine, that's when the black screen issue started. I don't know whether they're connected, I just want to be as open on this as possible.


Kind Regards.