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ASUS TUF GAMING 15 FX506LH Charger Replacement

Level 7

My original charger started sparking and smoking and so I need to replace it. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty finding a compatible replacement. Some of the listings on amazon seem like they may be compatible, but when I dig deeper in the reviews it looks like they actually are not. I even bought a "universal" charger that I had to bring back because its ASUS adapter didn't fit in the laptop.

Where do I go to find a replacement charger for this laptop? The original charger model is A18-150P1A if that helps.



Level 11

This one looks like it has a slightly smaller plug than the rest. 180W 150W 20V Charger for MSI Katana GF66 GF76, MSI Pulse GL66 GL76, MSI Pulse WF66 WF76...

Also, what wattage is your original charger?

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I don't think the dimensions of the plug are right and the AMPs for that one are too high. Honestly if I knew ASUS sold laptops with no plug standardization I would have just went with a different brand.

Do you know if ASUS has a support number I can call to try and get this resolved? I can only find numbers for warranty support and it's not under warranty anymore. Literally all I am trying to do is find a compatible charger...

Thanks again.

Chargers can run at different amperages afaik, not just the max one displayed. If the universal charger didn't work, try getting at least one charger from Amazon - just because one person had an issue doesn't mean it's incompatible.

I couldn't find a customer support number specific for your issue (although you could try calling the default one). However, here are some links that might help:

Official Support | ASUS USA

Asus 150W Adapter For Asus FX506LH | Official Asus Partner -

I've heard good things about A-Accessories, so they can probably get you a genuine replacement charger, albeit with a long delivery time and a high price.