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Asus TUF FX506LI Nvidia GTX 1650 ti Bios needed

Level 7

I updated the laptops bios using Armory Crate, and after the laptop rebooted the Graphics card shows unknown bios and gives an error 43. i can install GPU drivers but after a reboot, it loses the drivers. I can still see the GPU in NVFLash --list so i don't believe the GPU is bricked. I believe if i can find a copy of the ROM file to install the Bios on the GPU it will work again, but Asus support just says this file is not available to the general public, even tho it can be quite easily exported if i had access to the same laptop 🙂

This is an Asus FX506LI-I58512B1T
- Nvidia GTX 1650 ti GPU = Hardware ID: 10DE 1F95 - 1043 1E91
- Windows 10 Pro
- 16Gigs Ram

Level 7

Hello bro  same problem my laptop same model plz contact me 7053779774 aagar apko koi solution mil gya hai to meri bi help kr do