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ASUS TUF FX505DU - Loose TouchPad causing Rattling Noise

Level 7
Hello everyone,

Recently bought an ASUS TUF FX505DU laptop and I'm overall pretty satisfied with it. However, as I read around in other places on the internet and watched some videos, the touchpad seems to be quite loose on those models. Specifically in my case, when I type on the keyboard, especially little bit more aggressively, the touchpad makes some vibrating/rattling noises occasionally. You can also experience this if you tap on different places of the laptop's chassis or the touchpad itself. If I do the same while holding the touchpad then no weird sounds occur.

Do you have this as well with this model or FX505 series in general? Any solution? I'm not extremely annoyed by it but just want to know if it's a general issue cause I read about other people having loose touchpads (but haven't seen em mention about the sound when typing) with this model so I don't wanna bother getting it serviced/replaced only to get the same issue again.

Also, I went around to some shops and seen another FX505DU, an FX505DY and FX505DV. The DU seemed to have some rattle (not as easy to spot in loud environments) but felt more solid to the touch while the DY and DV felt solid and seemed to have no rattle or loose feeling. I'm confused now if I should RMA it or not or if it would be a waste of time. I also wonder if when it's brand new it's more tight and loosens soon. Mine is only 12 days old so not sure how it was in day 1.

Thanks a lot for your time!

Level 10
Hello ATG-Tech,
To have better performance,
there is a gap between the touchpad surface and the responding units below.
So there will be a bit sound coming from it.
Hope you can understand.
You suggestion has been reported.
Thank you.