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Asus Tuf FX504GM hard freeze

Level 7
Hi friends please tag all the pro gamers and pc enthusiastic, me and my friend both has purchased Asus Tuf FX504GM about a year back( September 2018) and both of them worked fine for about 7 months after that they started to heat a lot (about 90° C both CPU and GPU).I was getting low FPS in games and my CPU and GPU are not performing at there base clock speed at this point.

After 2 month of debate with service center and customer care guys they finally fixed the heating issue by changing the heatsink of the laptop with better one both pics attached.

Now my laptop is not heating at all both CPU and GPU are performing well but both of ours laptops was randomly freezing during gaming , in windows event logs it was saying Kernel-Processor-Power Event ID 37.
Upon searching over the internet i got to know that many of the FX504GM users have same issues.

My friend's laptop is still at the service center and its warranty is about to expire next month.

We tried mailing ASUS about this but there official mail id are not working are other guys are just waiting for the warranty to get expire.

if any one in has the same laptop with the same issue kindly message me and please if any one has any leads on Asus or knows anything about this problem please guide me further.