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ASUS TUF fans won't run unless in a game

Level 7

I recently got this TUF from ASUS after ASUS couldn't fix my old non-gaming laptop. I'm still unfamiliar with Armoury Crate so I apologize if this is obvious to others.

I mainly use my laptop for programming and as a result the CPU can run quite hot in Visual Studio. The laptop will simply keeping heating to about 90C and thermal throttle itself out of existence. If I am in games, both the CPU and GPU fans will report running and can be seen within the Armoury app as running. When I enter the BIOS the CPU and GPU fans run at full speed. I don't see any area where I can manually select a fan speed range like the ASUS AI Suite for motherboards where you could set full speed, medium, etc.

I have tried adding Visual Studio to my list of games but since it doesn't use the GPU (I suppose) it doesn't rev up the fans... even still that wouldn't solve the basic issue of the PC should increase fan speed regardless of the application if it's going to thermal throttle itself. In games my temps idle at 60C whereas outside I idle at 90C.

I have tried different modes like Turbo, Performance, and Windows to no avail. I have also changed the GPU modes, also to no avail.

The only thing that I can begin to think is at fault is that it looks like the PC is in sleep mode. I came to this conclusion since my keyboard lighting was different and only turned off by disabling the sleep mode RGB.

Is it possible that the computer won't run the fans in sleep mode? If so how can I prevent this from happening? or is there a way to just set a manual fan speed either in the bios or somewhere else?


Level 9

It is normal if you want the fan to stay active use armoury crate Turbo mode but it overclock CPU and GPU

Level 9

If you have TUF 2022+ you can use manual mode Set your fan curves and more control CPU and GPU

Level 11

If you're CPU is idling at 90 C and the fans aren't running according to Armoury Crate, there is something seriously wrong with your laptop.  If you can't find anyone else with the same model having this problem, I would return it immediately.