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Asus TUF F15 Wifi 6 not showing up at all!

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I have an asus tuf f15 laptop (FX577ZM). It has an intel wifi 6 AX201 160Mhz wifi card. It came with Windows 11 Home single lnguage OS.

Now it started few months back, my wifi appears and disappears as it wishes.

Screenshot 2023-11-04 142854.png

I wasn't using my laptop that during that time so I let it slide thinking with few updates it'll change. But still there's no change.

i tried rolling back the driver, it worked for first 2 times then it also stopped helping. And sometimes it takes out the bluetooth too.

Took it to an autrhorized service center once (product is still under warranty), their advice was to reset and re install fully. Tried resetting my entire latop, it always works but for few days. Can't do it on daily basis. Files I have to restore is too much.

I'll attach few more screen shots, just for ref.


Screenshot 2023-11-04 143854.png

Currently using my phone as a tethering device.

Screenshot 2023-11-04 144122.png





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Maybe start by updating your Intel driver.

I see you are using version from May 2022.
The latest driver version is from August 2023.
Also update the Bluetooth driver


TUF GAMING F17 (2022) FX707ZM
I7 12700H / RTX 3060 / 32 Go

Yeh, sorry about that. I installed the latest version again after posting this post. (screenshot was taken before that, my bad)
So right now its on the latest ver of the drivers for both bluetooth and wifi. Bluetooth comes and goes, works mostly after a restart, but wifi is not coming back up for the past 2 days.

Screenshot 2023-11-04 194529.png

1) There is a yellow triangle error on your graphics card. First try to disable/enable your wifi card by right clicking on the wifi card. It will be reset.

2) Have you tried booting in safe mode with networking in WINRE.
If your wifi card is detected and stable in safe mode, you may have a conflict with another software or driver.


3) Same thing to try in MSCONFIG.
You could disable all NON-MICROSOFT services and restart to see if your wifi card starts up properly.


TUF GAMING F17 (2022) FX707ZM
I7 12700H / RTX 3060 / 32 Go

Sorry for the late reply. I was away from home.




So, I tried everything you said and it's still in same condition. Not showing up at all.


Usually after few days of restarting it usually comes back. This is the first time it's taken these many days and no wifi at all.


Will replacing my wifi card help? Any idea regarding that?

It is possible that your wifi card is faulty. 🤔

You could try to replace it with the same one or an Intel AX210 for example.
A wifi card is not very expensive.

TUF GAMING F17 (2022) FX707ZM
I7 12700H / RTX 3060 / 32 Go

However, hardware replacement should be the last choice.
If the pc is under warranty, the work should be done only by authorized Asus personnel, otherwise you risk voiding the warranty.

Many have solved this problem by retroactively searching for drivers.
By going into Device Manager
and into the driver error history
to identify the date when the problem was first encountered.

Then go to the Windows Update history settings and see if Windows automatically updated the intel network driver during that time period.

If so, simply restore the driver prior to that date, and everything will work normally.

My Wi-Fi works, but as soon as I enter the game, my Wi-Fi disconnects. I have to uninstall and install the driver again to fix it. I don't know why it's really strange😭

Level 7

I am facing the same issue