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Asus Tuf f15 weird fan problem

Level 7

HI! I've only had the laptop tuf f15 fx506hc for 5 months, but since a certain update - I don't know which one, there is a problem with loud fans. At idle the CPU reaches very high temperatures (about 90 degrees) and the CPU fan does not work, armory crate only shows the maximum speed of the GPU fan. Changing any settings doesn't change much. I can click around and the fans continue to do their weird thing. What mode I choose does not matter,windows, silent or performance, the problem occurs.
There are cases when the processor is 90 + degree and the fans have 0 RPM.


 The task manager does not show any processes that significantly consume the CPU. This usually happens when I just turn on the laptop or when I'm browsing the intenet (shops, amazon), nothing demanding.
On the other hand, when I turn on a game like baldurs gate 3 then all of a sudden everything works fine, fans and lowering the CPU and GPU temperature.
I also checked if the laptop is updating, if there are strange processes running in the background, I scanned the whole system with antivirus and it didn't show anything either. My system, bios and sofware are always up to date.
I also reinstalled all of the armory crate software, but saw no change...
Please help me, I don't know what to do.



Level 7

I had almost the same problem and it appeared it was malware trojan from crypto sites or something like that. I downloaded Malwarebytes and run a full scan with free trial account  (Microsoft Defender Antivirus didnt recognized virus as far as I still remember running scans with it). So I used Malwarebytes with free trial license, those viruses were qurantined and removed from the system. Since then overheating suddenly stopped and I had no more temperature problems anymore. I forgot to say that my CPU usage in task manager was all the time on 100% while overheatings.

To get it done sure, I reinstalled Windows 11 that came with laptop, just to make it 100% sure that I am clean of previous malware files on old Windows.

Reinstallation of Windows can be done from windows settings Settings > System > Recovery just so you know if you will follow.

Down below attached you can see screenshot with overheatings on my Asus Tuf-F15 (506HEB) - 2021 (most likely from contaminated files/viruses on my old Windows 11).



Now it runs like a new and even much better.


Thank you for your advice. I also suspected a virus. Unfortunately, I have already scanned my computer many times with antiviruses (norton 360, bitdefender, malwarebytes, eset free scanner). I checked the laptop with asus troubleshooting software. My fans should be working properly.

In green the CPU fan is not cooling, GPU fan has the highest speed. GPU - 61° CPU 81°.  Usually CPU reaches temperatures around 90°+, but fan STAYS at 0 RPM. My GPU temp max 60°-65°.Shouldn't the CPU fan have more rotation?


Am I misunderstanding smth? But why don't the fans work according to the temperatures? One is noisy like a drill! 

Level 12

If it makes noise, it needs to be replaced.

Level 10


Go check in BIOS (press F2 at startup).

Check the CPU fan for a few minutes.
- If it is at 0 RPM, then you will need to replace the fan.
- If it is at +2000 RPM, it's a problem with Windows.


TUF GAMING F17 (2022) FX707ZM
I7 12700H / RTX 3060 / 32 Go