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Asus TUF F15 Stuttering Problem

Level 7
Hello. Yesterday, I bought an used Asus TUF F15 i5 11400h 16GB Ram RTX 3060. I got a pretty nice deal, paying around 500 for it. I lightly tested it before buying, and it seemed to work fine. After I got home and downloaded some games (Valheim, Gta V, OW2), I noticed that the laptop started stuttering once every 10-15 seconds.
Here is everything I did for this laptop when I got it: Installed Windows 11
Got all the drivers and GPU drivers up to date
Bios version is 313 and I think this is the last one for the laptop
Downloaded Armour Crate and other softwares to test it (HWinfo, Cinebench r23)
After doing some tests, I saw that the CPU temps were quite high (around 90 and max temp 96) and the clock randomly goes from normal to 0.2GHz when it stutters. I tried uninstalling ArmourCrate, switching some power options and undervolting the CPU with Throttlestop and setting its clock speed to 3.8. This seemed to help. Right now the CPU temps are around 70-80, with a max of 85, and in light games I rarely get the stuttering. But when I play more demanding games I still get the stuttering once every 5-10 minutes approx. The temp looks alright and I think I should not experience these stutters. What can I do to fix it?