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Asus Tuf f15 overheating

Level 7

Hello, I own Asus Tuf F15 FX506HEB (2022) with original Windows 11 since the beggining

Mostly after new year the laptop is overheating when it boots in to the windows and CPU usage is showing 100% all the time (when I'm checking it in Armoury Crate) and some other temperature gauges apps as well.

Laptop gets heated up very quickly up to the maximum temperature (83°-90°) even instantly after logging in to the windows.

Then I somehow figured out that I needed to open Task Manager through (Ctrl+Alt+Del) each time windows boots up and the problem with 100% cpu usage goes away.

Anyway I had no problem with this laptop before, it just tends to overheat somehow when it boots into the windows desktop. It did not happen before but after the end of previous year this problem started to happen... 

Anyone has or had similiar problem and how to fix that?



Level 7

Also it is not limiting the charging quote, sometimes goes over 90% even if its in balanced mode.

Snimka zaslona 2024-02-04 204037.pngSnimka zaslona 2024-02-04 204136.png


It's normal.
When booting or restarting, the BIOS starts charging the battery by a few % until Windows starts. (Take a look at the charging LED). 

After a few days, the 80% battery limit is exceeded


For 100% CPU usage, Do you have the same issue with Windows safe boot?

Try looking in Autorun64 for the list of software that runs at startup. There may be a known or unknown application using your CPU. If you run autorun64 as an administrator, you can uncheck all suspicious software to prevent it from launching at startup. You may be able to identify which one is responsible.

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