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Asus TUF F15 fans & keyboard backlight turn off after sleep mode

Level 8

So I bought this laptop a few weeks ago, I noticed this bug/issue triggering three times until now
After the laptop goes out of sleep mode / or when screen is off for a while then turned on
sometimes the keyboard backlight stays off, and fans are also completely off 0 RPM / 0 dBA
until I restart the system everything goes back to normal.


Level 7

Yep same for me. I have Tuf f15 too.

How to reproduce my problem:
Enter sleep mode when plugged it. Unplug the pc. Now wake up the pc.

- Fans doesn't turn on even if your CPU and dGPU get thermal throttled.
- Power button light keep blinking as if in sleep mode.

Temporary solution:
- Put it to sleep again. Plug the charger in. Now wake it up OR
- Restart the pc

Setting keyboard lights to breathing mode is a temporary solution as well (haven't faced that problem since then), and I guess, any mode other than static works as well

Level 7

Hey again, so I figured it out, the root of the problem is exactly as give in this reddit thread:

It happens when you disconnect dGPU (Ghelper does it in 'Optimised' mode when you unplug the device). Both the fans and backlight are somehow linked to the dGPU sleep state. Although its unclear how (because you can plug in and make dGPU work again, but that won't fix the 'fake' sleep mode.)

The permanent solution is to not kill the dGPU when the AC power goes off, which is 'Standard' GPU mode in Ghelper (there should be something similar in Armour Crater).

@AmrSamy I am not sure how exactly your temporary solution worked. For me in this 'fake' sleep mode my keyboard backlight doesn't turn on at all (whatever I do), same with fans suggesting its somehow linked to the 'fake' sleep.

That should be correct yeah, I used to have my dGPU disabled (either eco mode or optimized mode) when that problem persisted, because you know how bad the battery is, but anyways i switched back to standard mode because eco mode caused some problems when i kept it for too long for some reason (like i couldn't even get the gpu to turn on again or even show in bios lol, had to reinstall armory crate and nivida drivers)