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Asus TUF Dash F15 - W Key, And Razer Driver

Level 7
Hi All - First time poster and also first time stepping into PC gaming.

Recently bought the TUF Dash F15 RTX 3070, which I'm thoroughly enjoying.

At first I ran into a fair amount of teething issues, for instance Warzone, Cyberpunk and pretty much all other games kept dropping frames and completely lagging - However, On thursday there was a new Geforce update which seemed to have rectified all of this - and now i'm running every game smoothly.

The two main issues that I'm hoping someone can help me resolve are:

The W Key - I'm not sure if this is my model specific or across the TUF range, but the mechanical keyboard is great apart from the W key which appears touch sensitive. I.E. the key does not even need to be pressed, just resting a finger on it will execute the action. This is very frustrating when gaming, as its constantly pressing W.

Razer Ultimate - I've been through 3 different headsets trying to find the right one, I had a Razer Kraken V2, a Cosair RGB, and now a Razer Ultimate. Now the headset works fine except the synapse software will not let me hear the microphone back or fine tune any settings. All Mic settings are just from windows.

Looking forward to your responses, and nice to be a part of the community 🙂

Level 7
Any Assistance with the W key would be most apprieciated.