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Asus TUF Dash F15 Ram Upgrade gone sour :(

Level 7

So as the title implies I bought 2x 16GB 4800Mhz Crucial Ram Sticks (because docker desktop and gaming), and I noticed something strange when going about to install it; stick #1 fits perfectly, and the correct side up (warranty sticker up), and even boots correctly. When installing stick #2 on slot #2 I had to flip it (warranty sticker down) and it doesn't boot. Both sticks boot correctly when installed alone in slot 1 but not both.

They're fully compatible with my CPU (i7 12650h) in terms of bandwidth and other specs.


Level 12

you should use the original asus TUF modules, DDR5 4800MHZ

The ASUS TUF DASH F15 is a powerful gaming laptop that lets you enjoy modern games to the fullest - thanks to its Nvidia Geforce RTX GPU and12th Gen Intel CPU. But you can get even more out of it - we'll show you in this thorough step by step guide how to upgrade the SSD storage and the RAM. 0:00

Level 11

It's normal to have to flip it upside down.  Try pressing the power button and then waiting for up to 15 minutes.  Generally, the screen will be black for a while after changing your RAM amount because the system has to run some checks on it.

Level 7

Have you tried to flash the most recent bios version? The bios updates often improve memory compatibility.