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Asus tuf dash f15 - Error aura system.

Level 8
Hello, I am contacting you because I have the following problem:

The Aura system is not working since according to records on the 'official' pages of Asus and Aura. The service is not compatible. Since it is enabled for a very limited number of devices.

According to the records I have at hand. AuraSync depends on the AuraCreator service.

According to the aura page. The service to be installed is in the microsoft store, which is clearly a Taiwan hosted service. The issue is that this service is not available for additional locations apparently, at least not in my location. I attach the link below:

According to the forum, I saw around at some minute. That you could use an older aura service that directly makes it compatible with all systems in general. Since AuraService 'stays' operational with even current versions and that is supposedly where the problem of incompatibility or failure of services lies.

On the other hand also the ArmoryCrate services install all of it. But as documented, the AuraService service was to be removed and the older one incorporated. On the other hand, according to this official Asus page:

The drivers from this link must be implemented:

Where you will also find the Armoury Crate Lite Log Tool,
Armoury Crate Uninstall Tool, Armoury Crate Full Installation Package and Armoury Crate & Aura Creator Installer.

Within all this, Armoury Crate Lite Log Tool should be installed and the .logE file extension should be sent to 'support'; on the other hand, the official aura website also indicates that the standalone version of the synchronization utility will no longer receive updates and that the latest revision would be 1.07.79_V2.2.

Additionally in the Microsoft store I find surprises, one is Tuf Aura Core, Rog Aura Core, Rog Aura, Rog GameVisual, GameVisual.

I also saw out there within the documentation of this link:

Literally another 2019 version of the 'light' driver and on the other hand there is also another driver Lighting_Control_1.07.79_V2.2 Which is directly the one I indicate above that its maintenance is finished.

So currently I'm kind of tangled what should be the procedure to actually fix the problem, as clearly Aura Creator in ArmoryCrate does not detect the keyboard; And clearly this is happening not only with my equipment, TUF series or others. So, I would like you to give me a hand with this procedure.

Equipment specifications:

Firmware Version: FX516PC.311
Operating System: Windows 10.
Architecture: 64 bits.

File .logE: Sorry but the system does not allow me to upload the file directly.

Level 7

How u solved this problem by now?


Level 12

Can AURA Creator work on TUF Notebook Gaming models?

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