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asus tuf dash f15 2022 issues keyboard light settings not saved / breathing / battery

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i have some issue with my tuf dash 2022 asus - when i disconnect power-supply it forgets that it was off

same with this dammn 'breathing' that drives me crazy - after disconnecting power supply after everyboot i have to do like 10-20clicks to lounch amoury > goto my device > lightning > and breathing - it says is 'off' but it is lie ! on slep it will 'breath'/ BLINK LIKE SOME TOY FOR MY CHILD ALL NIGHT. i have to tourn it 'on' and 'off' - this is only way to disable this damn thing;/

on support they told me that they known about the issue and have no idea IF and WHEN this will be fixed i can get my money back if i want - shame ;/ here is some video that shows the issue

if someone known how to do it 'other way' - maybe some script / whatever

im developer so i known a 'bit' but have no idea how to disable breathing / keyboard light using theirs 'controll interface'

please advise

also they battery charging limit feature is fake one. it does not wark if you reboot Your laptop from time to time. It will work only if You never reboot Your laptop.


this model use /drain baterry during havy gaming and there is nothing what can be done- no way to disable it - it is 'feature' not bug for them. hybryd power source they call that. shame again.

here it is link about that - it says that this is for older model but support confirmed me that this is the 'feature' of 2022 model also of hybryd powersource - not that this will damage our battery (more damege when more playing heavy game' - no no - it will not damage it, it is 'feature' if You belive them.

shame Asus shame.

besr regards!

yes please stop thanks

if You will own sam model then You may post again Your opinion about them not doing anything to fix obvious issue with their product.

I already mentioned above that I don't have the same model
nor have I checked if suspend works on mine, because it's a function I don't use, since I consider hibernation much more useful and safer, because it really shuts down the laptop.

It's also not necessarily dependent on Asus, because there are so many other brands of computers that manifest problems with suspend.

Some have solved it by disabling the wake timer by allowing the network adapter not to reactivate the pc
Some have solved it by replacing the keyboard
Some have solved it by setting the same time for both screen shutdown and sleep
Some by removing the USB joestick or USB mouse
Some solved it by setting "Only important reactivation timers "
Some have solved it by disabling "Allow reactivation timers" in control.exe powercfg.cpl,,3
Some have solved it by killing MoUSOCoreWorker, in the task manager.
Some have solved it by pausing windows updates and stopping the Windows Update service, manually checking for updates.
Some have solved it by installing an optional update KB4571744
Some have solved it by setting media sharing settings to "Allow computer to sleep" .
Some solved it by removing hybrid mode.
Some have solved it by disabling antivirus programs
Some have solved it by typing
powercfg -requests
which will show all applications that hinder sleep and then removing them.

As you can see, there is no single solution for everyone
and you can't expect that with certainty, someone will come to a forum and bring you the source code for your specific driver.

This is not spam, but these are solutions that could solve the problem
and it's also possible that if you type
powercfg -requests
you could also go and locate the software that interferes with sleep mode and makes your keyboard flash.
That doesn't mean with certainty, that you're going to fix it, but that you might fix it.

Also, I cannot know already you know the command
powercfg -request.
And whether you have already tried it

However to discussion in a forum, it is not only useful for you but can also be useful for other users, who are trying to solve the problem
and who do not know powercfg -requests

I stop any further retort here, because I can't stand rudeness.

yes please stop spamming thread. thanks
there is noone who own this model 2022 version and fix that with any driver o anything else.

if You will own sam model then You may post again Your opinion about them not doing anything to fix obvious issue with their product.
nothing more nothing less here to add.

if anyone interested
after 6mc
+- 100 emails
they fixed keyboard light issue. it is in lassed armury version.
I can live with rest. do not have power to try more 😜
please close topic