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asus tuf dash f15 2022 issues keyboard light settings not saved / breathing / battery

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i have some issue with my tuf dash 2022 asus - when i disconnect power-supply it forgets that it was off

same with this dammn 'breathing' that drives me crazy - after disconnecting power supply after everyboot i have to do like 10-20clicks to lounch amoury > goto my device > lightning > and breathing - it says is 'off' but it is lie ! on slep it will 'breath'/ BLINK LIKE SOME TOY FOR MY CHILD ALL NIGHT. i have to tourn it 'on' and 'off' - this is only way to disable this damn thing;/

on support they told me that they known about the issue and have no idea IF and WHEN this will be fixed i can get my money back if i want - shame ;/ here is some video that shows the issue

if someone known how to do it 'other way' - maybe some script / whatever

im developer so i known a 'bit' but have no idea how to disable breathing / keyboard light using theirs 'controll interface'

please advise

also they battery charging limit feature is fake one. it does not wark if you reboot Your laptop from time to time. It will work only if You never reboot Your laptop.


this model use /drain baterry during havy gaming and there is nothing what can be done- no way to disable it - it is 'feature' not bug for them. hybryd power source they call that. shame again.

here it is link about that - it says that this is for older model but support confirmed me that this is the 'feature' of 2022 model also of hybryd powersource - not that this will damage our battery (more damege when more playing heavy game' - no no - it will not damage it, it is 'feature' if You belive them.

shame Asus shame.

besr regards!

i see
sory but this will not help but thanks for try 😉

2022 versions of their laptops with intell 12gen support windows 11 only
and windows 11 does not need this driver at all / hotkeys works. issue is that settinfs of the keyboard light are not saved / ignored after reboot

In my case, when the screen saver would start. after a while the keyboard would go off and start blinking and it was annoying.
Then I installed an old drive atk for asus Rog, and everything went back to its place.

However in this thread they say, that by installing win10, the pc works fine.

Others say they fixed the problems, installed all the drives, downloading them from the Asus site. As for the video card, from the Nvidia site.

Others say they solved the problems by holding down the POWER button for 2 minutes, so as to turn it off similarly to power failure
and disconnect any kind of power supply
and keep it off for at least 10 minutes.
In this way a kind of reset would take place.

There are many solutions, which also depend on the type of Asus you have and the operating system.
My Asus had Win 11 and I downgraded it to Win 10 because I prefer it regardless.

In case you want to install win10 in dual boot, I can explain a procedure how to do it easily with a few clicks, so you try win 10 and if you don't like it you simply format, leaving windows11 unchanged.
Otherwise, the alternative is to format and reinstall win10, to see if the problems are solved.

yes but windows 10 does not known how to handle efficent vs performance cores
google how intell 12gen works ant that win 10 is not good because microsoft did not wanted to add new task-core-type sheduller.
i spoke with asus suport and they known about the issue / confirmed it so

I wouldn't know what else to say
except to try using Snappy Driver Installer
which automatically searches for the best driver versions for your hardware

i known how to search drivers - im developer etc
if some else driver is needed then asus should send me it / post on their website. nothing more / nothing less
they does not care about issues with their products
all that counts is money - they are still selling them with this issue and prettend that 'this is how it supposed to be'

I don't want to contradict you, because you are right.
The Aurmoury Craute itself, it's the grossest stuff ever.
I don't know how they are not ashamed, the Asus engineers.

I would like to tell you my opinion, though.
I've had other PCs in the past and the absolute best was the Asus Rog. A real good product.

This one I got today, although it gives me some little problems, like the fans at maximum in the bios, so far I consider it a good product.
Except for that Aurmoury Craute crap that I install when I need it and then uninstall it.

I went and looked at some reviews, on the Asus TUF Dash F15 2022,
and they tell that it's a great PC.
If you try to read in the comments, users tell that they are all satisfied.

So maybe they haven't scouted out the problems yet
or it's your model that specifically gives these problems.
In the latter case you could try using drivers, for other similar models.
Just simply back up and try other drives, and see if they work.

In the first comments it also says that you can turn on "Whisper Mode" from NVIDIA and set the processor load of 99% . This will lower temperatures down to 20'C under heavy load, sacrificing a few FPS.

it is realy good pc
but canot rember the simplest thing in the world - keyboard light settings when You unplug power adapter

nothing more - otherwise it is best laptop that i had
i do not care that it drains my battery when im gaiming or charge it during reboots. i will buy new battery when the time that asus predicted will count.

but clicking / spending 1min every day at work ad the morning and 1min at home every evning
to open amoury and enable and disable breathing
sorry to much for me.

they should fix that like 3 montsh ago. i posted video after 2months of 'we have no news for you' from support.
if this armoury can do this , then to add 'on/off' after reboot in this model
please give me source code and i will do it in 1week max.
in whatever language it is writen.

probably most users use it as pc so do not disconnect charger often. many does not known that there is even an option to disable it - most of redit post i found was that users was shure that this must blink like this during sleep and they must start to like that 😕

I always use hibernation, because I never liked suspending.
Once because of the suspension, I burned a pc, because I had stored it in a bag thinking it was turned off.
It was actually off but it was developing heat and the keys melted.

I have a button in the bottom right corner of the dektop, with an exclamation point icon, with which I turn the pc off in 2 seconds and the next day I turn it back on, finding it exactly as I left it.
And one of the most convenient things .

They say that hibernation ruins the SSD, but I'm afraid that's a false legend.
I have been using it for many years and have never had any problems.
And even if I have any problem, after 10 years I change the SSD or I change the whole pc because it has become obsolete.

I write how to create this button, also for any others who read the topic and don't know how to do it.

First you have to activate hibernation with CMD and administrator rights and write:
powercfg.exe /hibernate on

Then follow this tutorial

remembering that before the h, there goes the long dash
%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -h

Alternatively, you can also set hibernation, with lid/shutdown.

Let's go to Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, and select Change power button behavior again.
At the top of the menu we will be able to choose the behavior to be used when we press the power button or close the lid in the two usage scenarios, i.e., when using battery or when using mains power;
to activate hibernation, simply set the Hibernate item on all four drop-down menus.

Now as you lower the lid of your pc, it will automatically go into hibernation and when you raise it, it will boot up.

i known all of that
i does not want to hibernate
i want to seave pc and let it goes to sleep
my laptop my choice
on their box ther was not any information that
'attention' you canot use sleep mode in this laptop. if You do it will blink like toy for small kid
if it would be writen on box i would not buy it.
nothing else to discuss this

please stop spamming this thread.

Is this the first time that a pc, gives problems?

Since windows has existed, pc's have been full of bugs and malfunctions.
And even if you buy another pc, you may run into other kinds of problems, as there are millions of them that can manifest.

How do I know what you know or don't know?
In your place there might also be someone who does not know that there is also hibernation and might have an alternative to this kind of problem.

However, since you consider it spam, then I avoid wasting further time responding.