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Asus Tuf Dash 15 2022 Overheating.

Level 7

Just bought a TUF Dash 15, 16 GB, RTX3060, Alder Lake Core i7 12650H. CPU out of box was getting up to 97C when opening a game. Disabled Turbo Boost and changed power settings max to 99% CPU.

Attempted to use the Armory crate to underclock and utilize faster fan speeds but doesn't seem to make a difference. Not sure if it actually underclocking it or not. Seems to be disabled in the BIOS because I cannot change with Throttle Stop or the Intel Extreme Utility.

Currently getting temps around 82-85 on a game made in 2014. (ESO) Kind of scared to run any newer games at this point.

Is this normal for the Alder Lakes? Is this going to cause problems? I hate to re-paste anything on a brand new machine. Less than a week old. Should I open a warranty case? Hate to send a brand new laptop in that I just purchased as well.

Level 7
Something seems to change when the armory crate profiles get applied. Not sure exactly what is going on but appears to possibly be with the power performance settings. Seems like Turbo Boost keeps getting applied or something. Kicked back in again and temps are going to 90 again.

Not sure what, but after uninstalling temps are back around 79-80C. Someone mentioned it could be the game scanning checkbox but that didn't help.

Level 10
I would either return the laptop if you can, get a replacement or RMA it. Chances are something is wrong with the heatsink or the TIM application. if you attempt anything yourself you'll void your warranty.