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ASUS TUF A16 (2023) Display driver failure or corruption

Level 8

So, I just bought Asus A16 Advantage (FA617XS-N3026WS).

Since day one occasionally the display just went off. Genrally when opening multiple windows when on power connected. Backlight was there but it was all black. Sometimes I get message of Radeon driver failure. Other times I needed to Hard restart the system. Post failure and driver timeout/reset, I got icons and other things flickering.

Debug steps tried:

1) Ran diagnostics in MyAsus app.

2) Uninstall and Reinstall every single driver that I believe to be culprit. Even reinstalled Armoury crate.

3) Even worked with power profiles because those appeared to be culprits too.

None of those helped.

Finally, I have turned off fast start in windows power setting. It seems to be working now, failure have disappeared but need more testing.

I hope someone can pitch in and/or explain or share in more details. If you have experienced something similar.

According to me, it has something to do with Amd smart switch or other drivers from Amd. Can't be sure but I have seen similar failures when hardware faults. 

Any relevant comments are appreciated.



Armoury crate is uninstalled. The system looks stable but needs more testing. It conflicts with AMD drivers and causes system failure.


Update 2:

Nothing truly works. Something to do with smart switch. Disabled smart switch by using GPU ultimate mode. Asus support was of no help.

MPO disabled. 

Formated the system. 

Nearly every tweak and solutions tired.

Thank you for reading.







Accepted Solutions

Me too, i just return and get a new one

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Level 11

search for your pc's serial number

contact asus support, bottom left

Asus support was of no use. They came for site visit, ran some test and concluded this is not hardware issue and left. My system is still crashing.

Level 8

Same thing was happening to me, i just did what you say and now everything is okay, thank you so much

Sorry but I believe what we did is not enough. My crashes are still occuring. 

Me too, i just return and get a new one

Great! In my country returns are not an option.

Try a reset of windows 

Done that, done all the possible tweaks.

MPO disabled.

Driver uninstall using AMD official tool in safe mode and reinstalled in safe mode.

It's a AMD driver related issue across multiple brands.

Thank you for suggesting.

Find and install amd driver adrenaline 23.2.1 it's working perfect with my laptop