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Asus tuf A15 FA507XI black screen issue

Level 7

Hello everyone! I own Asus tuf FA507XI-EH94. I've been using the laptop for about a week. Today it was connected to an external monitor via HDMI, and external USB keyboard and wired headphones were also connected. The laptop was connected to original power supply adapter. The powersaving mode was standard, with automatic switching between video cards. Chrome was open on the laptop with several YouTube tabs. Bios was updated to the latest recommended version. The laptop has been working reliably for several days with that bios.


I walked away from the laptop to the kitchen to have a meal. When i returned - the external monitor was black - I decided that the laptop had “fallen asleep”, I tried to wake it up from this mode by pressing the external keyboard, it did not help, and pressing the native one did not help either.

I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the external monitor several times, but it didn't help. I disconnected everything from the laptop, tried to restart it several times - the keyboard lighting was on, the screen was black. One time I managed to get it to load up to the Asus logo screen, but it was stuck on it. After repeated reboots, it was  impossible to get any information displayed on the screen, it was just black.

I tried holding the power button for 40 seconds and then starting with the power adapter connected. I also tried removing the cover and disconnecting the battery connector from the motherboard. The symptoms are exactly the same - loading with a flashing keyboard and a black screen. I haven’t tried disassembling the SSD and memory yet, because, IMHO, it’s not some kind of “short circuit ”, but some kind of bug because of switching between videocards. I tried switching the main and external monitors from laptops native keyboard, playing with brightness, etc., and re-displaying the image on the external monitor, but it had no effect. Probably a simple BIOS reset is enough, but there is no battery on the motherboard, and I haven’t found a datasheet for the motherboard yet either.  Have anyone met the same issue ? Any suggestions? Any help is appreciated.


Level 12

Take a look at this video.
If the proposed solutions do not work, try to describe your problem better under the video, because the authors of the video offer to look for an additional solution.


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The problem is, i have black screen both via HDMI and with original laptop screen. So i can't access windows or even bios. I have already tried reassembling ssd and memory, it didn't help. Hard reset with 40sec pressing power button also didn't. Some people say - starting laptop with disconnected battery and connected power supply may help. I will try it today.

Level 12

remember to take all precautions against static electricity when you open your PC

Sure. Its not my first laptop and i have antistatic gloves in my disposal.

If you haven't already seen it, there is also an ASUS faq for black screen.

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