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Asus Tuf A15 2023 and NETFLIX

Level 7

Whenever I play a Netflix video either through any browser or in w11 app I get a purple static noise screen with audio. I tried lowering the refresh rate of the screen to 60Hz as a possible fix but it didn't work. I tried all gpu modes (eco,standard etc.) and the only one that worked was the ultimate mode. When I rebooted to only dgpu Netflix videos displayed correctly with either 60Hz or 165Hz. Rebooting again to Optimus, advanced Optimus or Eco mode I still get the purple static noise. It has probably something to do with DRM and/or HDCP. The workaround of booting to ultimate mode wrecks my battery life and is time consuming. Do you experience the same ?


Level 7

A15 FA507 7940HS (780m integrated) and 4070 dedicated - 2nd....same issue....on the integrated 780m low power gpu, I get static with netflix, all drivers updated

I just found a workaround. If Iset  the display resolution to 720p and 60Hz and then start a netflix video, it starts playing ok. I can set then the resolution back to native 1440p and voila,  no static. If I close the Netflix app/browser now and try to start them back again then static reappears. I think it is AMD's drivers that need updating. Mine are still from 05/2023.