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Asus Tuf 507RM 2022 - Crashing During Sleep when Disconnecting Power Cable

Level 7
Laptop: 2022 TUF 507RM laptop (6800H & Nvidia 3060, 1 x DDR5 16GB)

Problem: When the laptop is in sleep mode with the power cable connected, when I unplug the power cable the laptop basically powers off. The lights go out and I have to start the laptop to get it working again.

I find this happens almost every time I leave it sleeping overnight with the power cable connected, when I unplug the power cable in the morning (while laptop is in sleep), it will crash/power down.

How to replicate:
1. Set GPU Mode to Standard or Optimized (power modes can be anything, doesn't matter)
2. Connect Power Cable in the evening while the laptop is awake
3. Close the lid which puts the laptop to sleep
4. Next morning unplug the laptop power cable while the laptop is still in sleep
Issue: the laptop will power down/crash <- can't tell exactly what it's doing here, there is no entry in the event manager

If I put it to sleep for 5 mins, for example, it doesn't seem to do it.

Things I have done, which have not helped:
1. I've reimaged the PC with Windows 11 from the recovery partition, that didn't make a difference.
2. I have updated several combinations of graphics drivers for AMD and Nvidia (from Asus and Manufactures) - no difference
3. Tested all the different power plans and even set power plans to the same for cable connected/disconnected (in case the switching plans causing the issue) - no difference
4. Tested different settings in power plans - eg: PCI link state etc - no difference
5. Tested the Standard or Optimized GPU modes (I don't want to use Eco as that doesn't suit me) - no difference
6. Disabled all Asus services from startup - no difference
7. Updated to laptop Asus Firmware - no difference
8. Tried AMD and Asus Chipset drivers - no difference
9. Disabled and enabled hibernate - no difference

I suspect this issue is caused by the iGPU switching my graphics card modes when connecting/disconnecting power during (deep) sleep modes (somehow it's different the longer the laptops have been asleep). Maybe something to do with the MUX switch.

What seems to fix the issue: Disabling iGPU using MUX switch by selecting the Ultimate plan in Armory Crate. This seems to not crash at all but at the tradeoff of not getting the power savings by switching graphics. I'm not a heavy gamer so using Optimus to switch Integrated <> Discrete is my preference and the reason I brought this laptop.

I like to charge my laptop overnight so it's fully charged when I use it the next day so this workflow works for me, please don't tell me not to connect the power cable, I should be able to connect/disconnect my power cable without crashing/powering off the laptop during sleep.

I'm really hoping this is a firmware issue that's been overlooked by Asus during testing and can be resolved with a firmware update. I don't like my chances of getting this issue resolved under warranty, maybe it's a common fault.

Does anyone else have a similar issue?

Level 7
An update on this issue.

Bad news is not one person from responded from the community, pretty disappointing.

Good news is I found a fix for this problem. The solution was updating to the latest AMD chipset drivers version This has totally corrected the problem.

All previous AMD chipset drivers or even the Asus repackaged chipset drivers would cause the issue (Asus drivers were the worst, they would crash immediately in sleep mode).

Anyone experiencing this issue makes sure your AMD Chipset drivers are up to date.

I'm glad I found a fix as I was getting close to throwing this laptop out the window.

Level 7
BSOD still happens to my FA706IU for the scenario you've described, after sleep/hibernate although updated everything to the latest. asus don't care. live with it. a workaround is unplug power first before sleep/hibernate which is ridiculous if you forgot, all opened work will be lost.