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Asus TUF 2023 - possible to set fan speed lower than 2500rpm?

Level 7

2022 TUF A17 - 6800H, 3050, win 11. FA707RC (Canada model).

Hi, my problem isn't when gaming (after undervolting the GPU temps are pretty decent), but when trying to browse / watch youtube / word processing stuff. The CPU fan is either off (nice and quiet, obviously) or goes straight up to around 2500rpm.

2500rpm is barely even noticeable when gaming, but when just browsing it's quite annoying. What's worse is, just web browsing will be just around the threshold  when the fan is on/off/on/off every few minutes.

My Armoury crate allows a manual fan curve, but even with that, it's impossible to have a running fan that's less than 2500rpm, even at '1%' fan speed.

I've never had a laptop where the fans can't run at around 1000rpm, which would be perfect. Jumping up to 2500rpm is just annoying overkill. Is there any way to fix this?

Otherwise I really like this laptop - not a GPU powerhouse by any means, but runs most of my games pretty well at decent settings, and the VESA adaptive sync is awesome.


Level 11

There are programs, which change the power of the pc depending on the load and thus keep it much cooler and with low fan revolutions.

You can perform a simple trick by activating NVIDIA's "Whisper Mode" and setting the processor load (in the power plan) to 99%.
In this you can reduce the temperature by up to 20°C (from 85-90 to 65-70) under high load conditions (but sacrificing some FPS).

Level 10

If you have access to Manual mode in AC, you can set the wattages and fan curves of the machine. This will come with higher temps if you nerf the fan curve. Be mindful it works on both the CPU and GPU so you would need to set them accordingly because the stock Manual profile is pretty wacky tbh. It runs the same a turbo, but you have the option to lower CPU wattages and even the GPU thermal limit if you want and undo the GPU overclock so it just runs as stock.

Even in manual mode, if the fan is spinning at all, it goes straight to 2500rpm. There is no in between. Setting '1%' fan speed in manual mode results in 2500rpm.

Level 11

But it is not that ' a fan turns more than 2500 rpm, for sport.
If a fan spins at 5000 rpm, it is because the temperature is high.
Therefore, to keep the RPM of a fan low, it is necessary to keep the temperatures low.
There are many methods to lower temperatures and some I have already listed, then there is also undervolt, removing blotware and unnecessary processes (such as armory craute), there are software that freezes processes and services, when the pc is used for high loads.

Thanks, I appreciate the link, looks like some good apps. However they aren't the solution in this case. My temperatures are well controlled already.

Let's talk about manual mode - If I configure armory crate in manual mode, I can set the fan speed to be 1% regardless of temperature. Obviously if that happens the CPU will overheat under a higher workload. However the fan speed will stay at 1%.

The problem is that the fan controller interprets 1% to be 2500rpm. I cannot set a fan curve for a lower speed because 1% is the lowest option already. Temps under load are not the issue here. The auto fan curves act in just the same way - as soon as the temp hits the threshold for the fan to turn on (around 65C) - the fan goes straight to a minimum of 2500rpm. As soon as the temps drop below the temp threshold, the fan goes from 2500rpm straight to zero. This is not normal fan behaviour.

Level 11

Armouy crate is the worst piece of junk ever invented, in the world of computing.
Many people uninstall it with the appropriate software to uninstall it (also from the bios => under Advanced "Armoury Crate Interface Support") and install alternative software.
For example, Ghelper, which is also open source
Or others like it.

However, if you set it to 1% (the minimum), it means that you want the fan to be off as much as possible and that you do not care about the temperature dropping rapidly.
This is strictly logical, although Armouy crate does not work with logic, otherwise its developers would not have created a software that to do 4 crap takes up 50% of the resources.