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ASUS TF101 with Logitech wireless (Unifying) mouse?

Level 9
For my PCs, I've bought a bunch of wireless Logitech peripherals (2x mouse, keyboard, trackball) which use the same Unifying USB receiver, ie. they can all connect through one receiver, reserving only one USB port. I love it, they work great, and apparently they support WinXP-Win8, Mac and Linux.

Anyway, I'd like to use one my those Logitech M325 wireless mouse with my ASUS Transformer TF101 tablet (Android 4.0.3). Is it possible?

When I connect a common wired PC USB mouse into the USB port of the TF101 keyboard dock station, it works fine. Inserting the Logitech Unifying receiver into that same USB port, and switching on the M325 mouse, didn't seem to do anything.

I tried to google for it but I couldn't quite find whether it should be possible. I saw users of some other tablets telling their success stories, at least for some the wireless mouse worked right away. This, and that Linux does support Unifying peripherals too, got my hopes up that maybe it should work and I just overlooked something.

I'm interested in getting only the M325 mouse to work, my TF101 already has a keyboard of its own so obviously no need for e.g. wireless keyboard. 🙂 I have to say I've still not really learned to like touchscreen controls, I hate having to browse web sites with a tablet, it is just so clunky, inaccurate and slow. That's why I got the keyboard docking station for the TF101 too.

Level 9
i think it is unable to use, because driver issue, i think if you connect to line mouse, it is able to use.

Level 13
You could try using a UTG usb adapter
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