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ASUS S46C shuts off when the power is low?

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hi friends,
i use ASUS s46c ultrabook that runs on Windows 8 basic edition. it has 8GB ram, 1.7GHZ quad core Gen-III and Nvidia GeForce 635M 2GB video ram. I bought this in 2013.

Since the beginning of this year (or haven't noticed it before), when the power reaches the critically low, it does not put the laptop to sleep or hibernate instead it shuts off. it happened so many times till the OS crashed and i had to reinstall the OS about 3 times and i have given up reinstalling OS because it does not fix the problem. When one is VS 2010 for development and the machine shuts down VS 2010 shuts down so oen can imagine the pain. I have my OS up-to-date, ealier i even updated the Power4Gear power managers, but it did not fix the problem.

Could anyone explain why this happens? and how to fix it?


US Customer Loyalty Agent

1. Let us know if you have any trouble finding the settings, but check the Windows Advanced Power Options to find out what the settings are for your Low Battery Action/Notification as well as Critical Battery Action/Notification and set them accordingly (if you notice the system powers off when your battery reaches 15%, set the warnings and actions to occur at a higher battery level).

2. Consider contacting your local ASUS support about either replacing the battery or sending in the notebook for repair especially if you are still under warranty.

3. If you can get your hands on another S46C notebook or battery, consider swapping the battery between the 2 units to find out if the problem follows the battery or notebook.

Good luck!