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ASUS N750JK T4068H win8.1 don't boot up, NEED help to recover.

Level 7
Hello everyone,

I have N750JK and i place a second ssd in the laptop with windows7. during installation i excident deleted the efi partition from the windows 8. now the windows 8 doesn't boot up anymore. there is still a recovery partition and a restore partition. I try use of backtracker in windows 7 os to get a factory reset, but it always failed.I see that he creating the boot sector.. --> Creating the image, it failes. the software format the usb stick and place files on the usb stick. I see in my computer that the recovery and restore partitions visable enabled during creating recovery usb stick and i can see files on the partitions. when the software try to create the usb stick it failes and give me the next error " Failed to create the factory default backup" . The files are on the recovery and restore partitions install.wim like 10gb and boot.wim 300mb.

how can i get it back to factory restore? what are the option?

I saw there are topics and maybe somebody could help me with this ?

I think this is the best place to ask with all that knowledge what I saw as solution on the forum.

I hope someone can help me.