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Asus N56Vj totally dead - No splash screen, no bios, no nothing

Level 7
Hi guys!

The other day my 8 years old Asus N56Vj decided to stop working.

My laptop was running with only the battery, and it shut down. I plugged it to the charger and it didn't recognised the hard disk to boot. I already had that issue and I did the same changes in the BIOS to solve it as that other time:

In Boot Menu -> Change FastStart to [Disable]
In Security Menu -> Change Secure Boot to [Disable]
Then 'Save Configuration & Exit', when the BIOS screen appears again
Go to the Boot Menu again -> Change Launch CSM to [Enable]
When I reboot the computer.... Nothing... No splash screen, no BIOS, nothing. I rebooted pressing F2, pressing ESC, nothing... I tried taking out the battery, disconnect the battery and press power button for 40 seconds, nothing.

These are the symptoms:

No image or even backlight on the screen.
No image in external monitor.
No fans, no HD sounds.
When I turn it on, the keyboard lights up for a second with the hard disk light and then turn off.
If I leave it on, it's like is looping or something, because after a minute or more, the keyboard and HD light turns on and off again.
I don't know what happened or what I did to kill the laptop. Any ideas on what I can try?