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Asus K40AE Black Screen Help!

Level 7
Okay, let me describe the issue I encountered with my Asus K40AE laptop. Basically, if I press the power button, the laptop will turn on and the power indicator lights are on. I can even tell that the hard drive, dvd drive, fan, usb ports are working when I turn it on but it is simply stuck on a black screen. I can't see the Asus bios logo and I can't even hear any sounds. The laptop does not turn itself off so I think this isn't a motherboard failure.

Before this problem happens, all I did with my laptop is to browse the internet, do some documents in Office 2013. After doing my tasks, I shut it down properly because I need to take a break. I unplugged the power adapter after performing a shut down on my laptop. After 1 hour of taking a break, I decided to go back to what I'm doing and turned it on. Well, the next thing happened is this problem. To describe things further, I left my laptop on my room where temperature is fine. This laptop is 2 years old and it was bought on September 2010. This laptop does not suffer from any abusive usage and I always take care of it.

The only recent thing I did with the hardware of my laptop is replacing its 2GB Hynix RAM with a 2 x 2GB Kingston ValueRAM.
The said RAM upgrade was done almost 11 months ago.

Can someone determine what's really the cause of this problem here? Is it possible that both of my RAM sticks suddenly died?
I tried to reseat the RAM and it's still the same. Is it true that RAM is one of the most sensitive parts of the computer?

I really hope someone can help me here because I don't want to get into bigger trouble by bringing my laptop into a service center since my warranty is over and I don't have much money right now.


Level 9
could you try unplug battery and adapter for a while than plug back to trun on.

Level 7
Sir, I already did that but it's still in the same situation. I even tried to reset the BIOS settings by removing the CMOS battery and taking it back after an hour but still no luck. Seems like what's left for me to do is to borrow a working RAM on my friend and see how it goes. Thanks for the advice anyway.

Level 9
how is now for borrow RAM?

Level 11
wait can you enter your BIOS settings? And its possible but highly unlikely that both of your RAM stick died. RAM is pretty much one of the components that doesn't break a lot.
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