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Asus fx706, fans at maximum in bios

Level 12
Hello everyone,
My asus fx706, presents a strange behavior.
When I enter the bios, the fans are running wildly.
Actually even when booting from usb.

Since I had installed win11, I thought maybe it depends on win11, so I reformatted and reinstalled win 10.
However, I lost the original drivers because I did not think to make a copy before upgrading to win11.
Now missing about a dozen drives, I can't verify whether it depends on the operating system or something else.

I wanted to ask.
Do you also have this strange behavior whereby the fans go to maximum when entering the bios.

Also (for those who don't already know), I recommend backing up the drivers, with DoubleDrive 4.1.0 because it is something really important.
If anyone has done this, I would be very grateful if you would send me a copy of the backup so that I can easily restore it.

Level 8
yes same in fx507
so guess thats 'normal'

d00lar wrote:
yes same in fx507
so guess thats 'normal'

thank you for your reply

But does not have everyone from this problem.
And it also doesn't have logic, running the fans at max in the bios, even when the pc was just turned on.

Also in my pc, using Benchmarks OCCT software,
it detects me when the pc is cold:
"cpu package sensor overheat (current value =96.00 C°, maximum value =90.00 C°)"
from which I think there is a problem on the temperature sensor, on one core.

Have you tried these tests as well?