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ASUS FX705DY Overheating

Level 7
Hello guys,

I've been struggling the last couple of weeks with this issue. Approximately two months ago my my son smashed my laptop screen so I've replaced it with a external monitor ( BenQ ZOWIE XL2411K 144hz)

But since I've been using the external screen I've had nothing but issues. Everytime I try to play CSGO within 5-10 minutes the laptop enters hibernation mode due to overheating.

So far I've tried run the screen at 144hz, 120hz and lately at 100hz but still no luck. I've also cleaned the fans (which were covered in dust) but again, no difference..

Can someone help me?

Much appreciated

Level 7

I have same problem, did you solve it 

Level 12

When you connect a second monitor to your laptop, the GPU has to work harder to manage the resolution and refresh rate of the second monitor, which may not be identical to your laptop’s screen or the other monitor you have connected. 

To ease the workload on your GPU, try to set up both monitors with the same resolution and refresh rate in Windows. 

Right-click anywhere on your desktop and choose “Display settings.” Windows shows you each monitor in a panel; click the monitor you want to adjust settings for and then click “Adjust resolution.” Set the resolution to the same dimensions for all screens to ensure that your video card’s workload is lessened, which will let it run at a lower temperature.