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Asus FX504, Does self upgrading laptop void warranty?

Level 7
Hello. Does self upgrading laptop void warranty?

Not in the US but you should research your local laws as they may vary. Either way, if you return the machine to stock and don't damage anything before sending it for RMA you should be fine.
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]ItIsWhatItIs wrote:
Hello. Does self upgrading laptop void warranty?

Purely dependant on what is being replaced and what territory youre in.

If you're replacing a HDD or NVME drive on a ROG unit for example then no, you wont void warranty but should an issue arise as a result of that new hardware or the software installed on it, this will not be covered.
If you break the unit or damage it as a result of replacing something then this will not be covered.

but say for example if your upgrade your storage, and then your screen or lvds connector goes bad, then you'll still be covered for the replacement of those parts in warranty as the faults werent caused by you entering the unit or upgrading your storage.

Read your warranty information or download it from the support page for your model.